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Hi, I'm Julie!


       My name is Julie Este-McDonald! I’m a wife, mom to three amazing boys, and a licensed professional counselor and life coach. But before I was any of that (a truth be told, for some time after) I struggled with trying to figure out who I was. Sure, I had a lot of different roles, but who was I exactly? What was I here to do? For me, the answer came when I decided to grow in my relationship with Jesus and to find my identity in Him. I realized that a lot of the issues that I had been struggling with stemmed from misplaced identity. In other words, I didn’t know who I was, and I didn’t know whose I was. I had also heard that God had a plan and purpose for everyone, but I didn’t know what mine was, and wasn’t sure about how to figure that out. When that happens, it became easy to believe lies about myself that came from messages that I got in childhood, in relationships, and from messages I got in the world. Once I realized what the problem was, I started the emotional and spiritual work that I like to call Christian Identity Formation. Now, I want to help other people to develop and define their emotional and spiritual identity. Not only do I have a desire to help people, I actually went to school for some of this stuff! I have a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling, a post-graduate certificate in Pastoral Counseling, and training as a counselor and life coach. So if you’re interested in learning more, or feel like you could use some help, contact me!



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