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What do we do at Salt and Light Collaborative, Inc.?

Salt and Light Collaborative focuses on helping to build others and communities through the following programs:


G.L.A.M. is an acronym for Growing, Loving And Maturing. Our program is a comprehensive mentoring and counseling hybrid program centered around the use of Family Functional Therapy. G.L.A.M. Girls is a one-year mentoring and counseling intensive program focused on reaching at-risk girls, ages 12-16. Centered around Functional Family Therapy, a family intervention program for dysfunctional and at-risk youth and their families, the program is twelve months in length, included six months of home-based Functional Family Therapy, Group Therapy Session, weekly Individual Therapy Sessions, Mentor Placement, and Growth Components focused on necessary academic and life skills. Although the goal is to reach at-risk teens before entering the juvenile justice system, G.L.A.M. is also designed to work with those that have encountered the juvenile justice system and are in a non-secure or supervision status. Through the G.L.A.M. Mentoring Program, teens and young women are placed in a phased mentoring and counseling program. Individual therapy, home-based, in-office if needed, includes all parts of the family unit for families in need. The treatment has specific phases of coherently organized intervention, allowing clinicians to maintain focus in the context of considerable family and individual disruption. This takes place for four months for one and a half hours weekly. Group therapy is also provided for one hour each week for groups of 12-15 girls in addition to the individual sessions. Group counseling sessions will primarily use a trauma-informed cognitive behavior approach, applying aspects of the concept of neuroplasticity and reference Brené Brown's work on shame, courage, and vulnerability. Once individual FFT therapy has ceased, the latter half of the twelve-month program is dedicated to the Growth components of G.L.A.M. These components are comprised of workshop-based programming that cover self-care, i.e., personal hygiene and care of appearance, academic assistance, to emotional resilience and handling life issues. Concurrently, each girl is placed with a mentor upon program start to navigate adolescence and provide a healthy role model relationship. Each mentor is cleared through a criminal background check and undergoes 8-hours of trauma-informed Trust-Based Relational Intervention (T.B.R.I.) training. Mentoring lasts the full twelve-month period. Another exciting aspect of this program is G.L.A.M. Girls Media, a part of mentoring that will teach the girls about presentation skills, public speaking, and crafting a message while amplifying their voices as they discuss and address issues in their lives and communities.


Black in Therapy's mission involves:

  • Advocacy: advocating for changes in systems the reinforce stereotypes that are emotionally damaging

  • Awareness: psychoeducation about the relationship between mental health and race; racial, generational, and community trauma; and the services available to people seeking to improve their mental health

  • Assistance: we want to provide assistance to those seeking to improve their mental health by offering services that are culturally relevant and appropriate and delivered by people who are clinicians of color or clinicians who are allies. We want to create a space that is safe for our clients to express themselves in a way that is authentic and natural for them.

  • We provide both individual and group therapy. The additional services we offer include workshops, media (video and podcasts) addressing race and trauma. We also present psychoeducational groups and research based on the following topics:

  • How generational trauma affects our mental health

  • Breaking the cycle of generational trauma

  • Changing unhealthy thought patterns

  • Correcting the stigma against mental health issues and mental health services in communities of color

We believe that some of the ills in the Black community are connected to historical and generational trauma; we believe that as we take ownership of our healing as a community, we can not only interrupt and break generational trauma responses and patterns but improve our mental health as individuals and as a community; insuring generations of healthier people and communities in the future.


The mission of Faith In Therapy includes:

  • Educate about the importance of spirituality and mental health

  • Equip churches and other faith-based organizations to address spiritual and emotional issues

  • Edify church leaders and staff by training them to be Christian life coaches

  • Consultations about staff culture, leadership, assimilation and connections, and team building

  • Christian coaching and counseling services that focus on emotional health and spiritual formation and development

Our program offerings include:

  • Monthly Lunch-and-Learn workshops that address leadership and spiritual and emotional issues that affect pastors, staff, leaders, volunteers, members, and attendees

  • Christian counseling according to our Salt and Light model of psychospiritual development. This method incorporates concepts cognitive behavioral therapy, existentialism, neuroplasticity, and Brene Brown’s work on shame and vulnerability. The work is strength-based and trauma-informed. We can provide individual, marriage, family, and group counseling.

  • We can also provide pre-marital counseling packages and parenting class packages.

A special part of our Faith In Therapy Program is our Daughters of Deborah groups. The focus of Daughter of Deborah is to create a space to support and encourage women in ministry, coach women in ministry on an emotional and spiritual level, collaborate with women in ministry to help them clarify their mission, their message, and their tribe, and create a space to amplify the voices of women in ministry- giving them a space to teach, preach, and edify the body of Christ. We offer group and individual coaching (emotional and spiritual), opportunities to create content through podcasts and YouTube videos, and consulting.

Please take a moment to view our virtual flipbook!

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